Friday, 23 January 2015

The Little Pearl Bridal Company - It's starting to come together!

What a way to start the New Year….we have been announcing all of our designers in the boutique to the world this week and have got such an amazing response so far.  Over 400 likes on Facebook too! Just thrilled.  We have also been featured on the fantastic Brides up North!  The very lovely Julia Braime has done a blog feature on the boutique and our launch shoot.  It is a fantastic read if I do say so myself!  Here is the link if you’d like to have a read too, plus see lots of amazing images from the shoot

Drum roll please…….we also have the keys to the boutique…yippee!! 


It certainly does feel like a long time coming.  My mum even said it feels like we’ve had this shop for months already!!  Thankfully we can now finally start putting our thoughts and designs into practice.  Saying that I’ve already bought 2 chairs, lights, wallpaper, a rug, gowns and accessories!  I kept being told I was tempting fate, but phew, we are in!
Another great thing has happened this week too!  The 2015 edition of Yorkshire Brides has hit the shelves and we are featured on the inside cover (despite a few hiccups along the way)! 

So proud of our little boutique already.  I’ve been quite overwhelmed with people’s reaction to it too, all the wishes of luck and how well we are doing already.  It’s certainly making me feel like I did make the right decision to follow my dream.  I just hope it continues.

So from this week on we have the tradesmen in, plus lots of help from the family to get the boutique into full working and fabulous order!  I’m hoping Tobias will be happy with his frequent trips to mummy’s shop as there is plenty of space to race his remote control dino/car!  That will be my bargaining tool anyway :)  After a family morning at Tobias’ friends party we hot footed it over to Pickering with tape measure and carpet samples in hand.  We did, however, forget the essential item…tea bags! No one can plan without a good cuppa.  Thankfully Brett found a local shop doing take away teas on a Sunday!  I’m sure I’ll be finding lots of hidden gems as we make ourselves at home in the lovely town of Pickering.  

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