Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Little pearl Bridal Boutique - The Brand!

Phew what a busy and stressful few weeks!  If anyone said emailing whilst bottle feeding and planning for your toddler to have an operation was easy, it’s not! Its certainly been a roller coaster of emotions.

All our social media pages are up and running so you can now follow us;
Twitter: @littlepearlbb
Instagram: @littlepearlbridal
Our website holding page is now also live at www.thelittlepearpbridalboutique.co.uk.  I always thought I was quite technically minded, until it came to talking to web designers about web functionality - its a minefield!  We finally got there though after LOTS of emailing from me!  I’ve just finished writing all the web content for the website, so now its just time to select the right images that portray The Little Pearl brand in the right way.

We’ve also just had the boutiques launch shoot! WOW what an amazing and overwhelming day it was.  Thanks to my good friend Jonny Draper (www.jonnydraper.co.uk) we had Yorkshire’s best wedding suppliers involved in the shoot.  The Talbot Hotel in Malton (www.talbotmalton.co.uk) was the location for the shoot.  Despite the grey day, it was a stunning setting and everyone was so welcoming.  We had three photographers involved, Hayley Baxter (www.hayleybaxterphotography.com), Samantha Ward (www.samanthawardphotography.co.uk) and Georgina Harrison (www.georginaharrisonphotography.co.uk), all bringing their different styles to the day  Catherine Elizabeth Hair and Make Up artist (www.catherine-elizabeth.co.uk), helped our models look even more beautiful and Leafy Couture (www.leafycouture.co.uk) brought the most gorgeous flower bouquets.  I’ll be sharing more details on this very exciting day very soon, plus you’ll see who all our amazing designers are.  I can’t wait! :)

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