Tuesday, 27 January 2015

The Little Pearl Bridal Boutique - Decisions Decisions!

It’s certainly been a week of indecisiveness!  People do say its because my star sign is Libra, but it seems the whole of my family is indecisive!! It has worn me out!
First was deciding the size of some box shelving, then should we have floating or normal shelving? what height should they be? are we keeping the flooring or having carpet? what colour curtains, depending on if we are having carpet? It just goes on and on!
We have, however, finally decided on everything.  The joiner has built us something perfect to display all our gorgeous accessories on, and the decorators have done a fantastic job with the different colour ways. 

It’s gradually starting to look like a boutique!  Thankfully the decision on carpet or no carpet has been made.  I really want the boutique to feel warm and inviting and there’s just something about carpet that helps this, so despite my husband saying ‘I don’t think we should’, we are!! :)

It’s also been a great week for meeting and speaking to new people. An old friend from my previous work has started his own lifestyle magazine in the local area.  After having a chat with him about the reach and response he has been getting so far, its sounds such an exciting opportunity for us to be involved in, so watch this space!  

I also had a lovely chat with Liz Clayton from The Talbot Hotel in Malton, about them using lots of our images for their wedding marketing material - fab!! She has lots of great contacts too so it was so great to talk to her. Can’t wait to do something pretty special with them soon too!! 

Then to top it all off I met with a wonderful seamstress who will be coming on board to be part of The Little Pearl family!  Yay! She is so passionate about bridal, experienced and certainly knows her fabrics so we are thrilled to have her on board. 

In the midst of all the decisions and meetings, Theo has started his induction days at nursery :(. This has certainly pushed me to the edge, being wracked with guilt, despite him only going a 1 and a half days, but hopefully one day it will all be worth it!  Thankfully he is settling in really well and has definitely won over the ladies, the little charmer!

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