Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Little Pearl Bridal Boutique - New Beginnings!

Yippee, our beautiful website has finally gone!!
 It’s been a frustrating time, and i’m not sure who has been more stressed with it, me or our web designer!  I’ve certainly seen a different side to my assertiveness since starting my own business, but it comes with the territory!  It won’t be the only time so Brett keeps telling me!  We’ve had so much lovely feedback so far, and I’ve learnt that constructive feedback can only benefit you!  I still can’t believe its actually up there for everyone to see.  It’s an amazing feeling really and great that we’ve had enquiries from brides already!  We’ve also produced some gorgeous leaflets as part of our marketing material, so pleased with them 

It’s been a week of spending cash and watching that bank balance go down.  Albeit on very beautiful items, which I am loving, even if the hubbie isn’t!  We even had a trip to the auction rooms and actually won what we bid on, which was fantastic. David Dickinson would’ve been pleased with our deals! I’ve never been before, but it can get very intense and will certainly be going again.  

I’m not actually sure how we’ve got through this week what with a girlie do with lots of fizz watching a Gary Barlow tribute act.  He actually could be Gary, until he talks and his southern accents comes out! Trying to measure for curtains with a thick head the day after was an interesting experience!  Then numerous kids birthday parties to attend and topped off with my leaving do from work!  It was emotional and giving my company car back was one the hardest things!!!!!  Everyone was so lovely and supportive of my new venture, plus they gave me some fab leaving pressies!

So I am now officially self employed! - eek!

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