Thursday, 22 January 2015

The Little pearl Bridal Boutique - A busy few weeks

Well it’s been all go since the launch photoshoot. We’ve been packing up all the gorgeous gowns and sending them back to the designers.  I can’t believe the next deliveries will actually be ours for the boutique…eeek!  I’ve also been writing an editorial piece for the 2015 Yorkshire Brides magazine.  Choosing the images to support it has been hard, there are so many amazing ones!  I’ve also been writing the copy for the website, which is looking so lovely and now live at Then to top a very stressful few weeks off, we are told the property for the boutique won’t be ready until after Christmas!!! Not a lot could be done though but it has certainly increased the stress levels in the McMann household!  Plus it has been the festive season, and we’ve had Christmas presents for the kids coming out of our ears!! After all the expense and stress our 3 year Tobias is still more than happy just playing on our IPad!  Despite the happenings with the boutique, we had a lovely family Christmas and really got to have some quality time, which I know will be limited for a while after the New Year! 

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