Friday, 16 January 2015

The Little Pearl Boutique part 2

Picking the right location for the boutique was imperative for me.  I wanted something in more of a village location, with great community spirit and that wasn’t too close to other bridal boutiques.  Pickering was therefore the ideal location.  As soon as I saw 19 Eastgate on the agents website, its quaint look and feel was perfect.  It is currently a Hairdressers, so don’t get me wrong there is lots to do internally but the space is fantastic.  Its been a stressful process securing the property (solicitors!! Jeez!), but we are finally there and can’t wait to get the keys early January. 

From the moment I knew opening a boutique was going to become a reality, i knew that I wanted a particular word in the boutique name…Pearl.  That was my Grandmother’s name.  She was always such a fashionable lady, so the fit was perfect.  I can’t tell you the amount of names we went through, and everyone certainly had an opinion! But in the end..The Little Pearl Bridal Boutique was born.  I can’t take all the credit, I have to say my husband was the mastermind behind 'The Little’.  As soon as he said it I thought, yes, it describes everything the boutique is about - intimate, personal and caring.

Next stop was getting the branding designed.  Our good friends at QBC ( put their heads together and presented endless options to us. I knew the look and feel I wanted and also the colours, which helped to narrow it down somewhat!  I didn’t realise I could be so fussy over the tone of ‘blush pink’!  But these things have to be right! 

Alongside deciding on the right property and branding, I’ve constantly been researching bridal designers and deciding on who I wanted to approach to become a stockist.  Now that was nerve-racking!  I kept thinking to myself, how do I know if my brides will like what I’ve selected?!  To be honest though, how could you not, they are just divine!  I knew I wanted to get a particular look for the boutique - elegant, glamorous and stylish.  It’s so important to me to work with designers who are passionate and also supportive of their stockists too, especially as The Little Pearl is just starting out!  After meeting with the designers or reps in some cases, my top 4 designers were selected and orders placed!  I’ll be revealing who those amazing designers are very soon (with pics)!  Then it was on to select accessories - I love an accessory, it just completes the whole look!  When I was planning my wedding I found it so hard to find bridal shoes.  There are now some fabulous bridal shoe designers out there, and I believe we have one of the best!  Lots of different styles and even colours too.  I certainly took advantage of trying on a few pairs whilst visiting the designer.  Accessories are also what has led me to write this blog for Flo & Percy.  Their pieces are just divine, with so many that compliment the gowns I have selected but will also suit many more.  I can’t wait to try some on and play dress up!  Getting the right accessory stockists is a key feature of the boutique as we will be offering exclusive accessory styling appointments, even if you haven’t bought a gown from us.  They’ll be lots of veils, stoles and garters to choose from too!

So, all our gorgeous designers are secured and deposits are paid (ouch!).  I never realised that meeting designers is like meeting celebrities.  I had that nervous, not sure what to say feeling every time!

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