Monday, 26 January 2015

The British Wedding Awards 2015

Going to have a little break from Diana's diary at Little Pearl Bridal Boutique today to tell you about our night out at The British Wedding Awards. It's usually called The Wedding Idea Awards, but it's still organised and run by the folk at the Magazine, they have however done a little rebranding. Not the usual big glitzy party but a more elegant affair this year with a kind of a wedding theme. No red carpet entry or iced voda luge and no disco. Awards were down to 12 from about 20 last year.

Unfortunately Flo & Percy weren't up for any awards this year, but we have won best hair accessories for the last two years so no disappointment from us, See last years pictures here  we were just pleased to be able to come along and enjoy the party. We had a fabulous 3 course meal, watched the awards and got the chance to catch up with many friends from the Wedding Industry.

I went along this year with my business partner from sister company Kitty & Dulcie

I have to say the the room was beautiful decorated and the flowers out standing 

Even though there was no late night dancing and it wasn't quite so lively as previous years, we had a great time. Thank you to the party organisors!

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