Friday, 27 November 2009

Love My Dress

A past client turned Wedding Journo...

It is always lovely to keep in touch with our past Brides and find out what they are up to post wedding, one of our Brides and now friends is Annabel and we thought you might be interested in reading about her new venture..

Annabel Beeforth loved her wedding dress so much she set up a blog and name it: Love my Dress. She muses about all things lovely, vintage and girly and features her favourite wedding products. Of particular interest is her write up on her own wedding and watch out for her features on other beautiful weddings. Here is few words from the creator herself:

My wonderful Wedding in Whitby took place on the very first day of Spring this year. I spent lots of time on the internet prior to my wedding, but of all the Blogs I used to seek inspiration in designing and styling my own special day, there didn’t seem to be a single one that pulled together a selection of offerings under the themes that influenced me most; vintage, glamour, art-deco etc and the fashions of the 1920’s and 1930’s, and so an idea was born, and I set out to create my own.
It didn’t take long to figure a name for my Blog; ‘Love My Dress’ was a pseudonym I used in a wedding planning forum. It just seemed to so perfectly suit the identity of the Blog I wanted to develop, especially so as I now have a complete obsession with vintage and vintage inspired wedding dresses! I am married to a man who has a Degree in Fashion Design and who used to run his own high-fashion womens wear label and who still designs bespoke wear for private clients, so I’ve been surrounded by a world of gorgeous dresses for sometime now!
Love My Dress was created to enable me to catalogue and share all my fabulous finds; My readers could be anyone from a Bride to Be, a Newlywed with new-found passions for vintage and glamorous fashion, or general lover of all things particularly gorgeous. My aim is to inspire the imagination of all my readers, and introduce them to a selection of some suppliers of some of the most discerning and stylish products and services available. I figured that there are already so many wedding related blogs out there offering the usual – Love My Dress is all about raising the profile of only the most discerning, and unusual.

Thank you Annabel for sharing it with Flo & Percy and we wish you lots of luck!

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