Sunday, 15 November 2009

Accessory Trends by Flo & Percy

We are often asked by the press to predict bridal accessory trends and this month we are in a popular trade magazine talking about our views for 2010. We are heavily inspired by main stream fashion, take the Gatsby Collection for example, we work on Collections a year in advance and predicted the trend in sequin and beadwork correctly. There are so many sequin dresses and beaded jackets around in fashion this season and the Gatsby pieces are a perfect accompaniment. Also a little ambitiously we also launched the Wonderland Collection, sparkly pieces to make a statement was the aim that we fulfilled. Anyway, above is the extract from this months Bridal Attire magazine. Click on the photo to read the comment.

eces, making the tiara a little redundant I think. Brides now want to make a dramatic statement in their hair to complement the simpler gowns that have become popular in more recent times, so we have designed some fabulously eye-catching pieces as part of our Wonderland Collection in order to fulfil this demand.”

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