Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Little Pearl Bridal Boutique - Not long now!

So now that I’m officially unemployed, the realisation of what I’m doing is certainly starting to set in!  I’m so excited about what lies ahead, but can’t see how everything is going to get done for our grand opening on Valentines Day!!

First stop this week was a visit to a Wedding Fair at Ripon Castle hosted by The Wedding Affair. 

Lisa Hogg, the lady behind The Wedding Affair, kindly invited us along so we could see what it was all about.  I have to say I wasn’t sure whether we should be a covert ‘newly engaged’ couple or just be honest about who we were!! After getting approached by quite a few people asking if we needed a photographer, caterer, signing up for newsletters and goodie bags, I felt I just had to own up or I’d be signing ourselves up for renewing our vows, (now there’s a thought!!).  We did manage get a goodie bag, which had some great treats in and ironically featured our Yorkshire Brides editorial!  I’m so glad we went to have a look round.  The venue was stunning, there was a good mix of exhibitors (including our friends at The Talbot Hotel in Malton and Hayley Baxter Photography), the catwalk show was really well put together and overall it had a great atmosphere.  It will certainly be something we’ll look to being involved in in the future.  We’ve actually been having lots of discussions this week about wedding fairs and its looking like April is going to be a busy month - more details soon!!

After a busy weekend and having some much needed family time, it was back to sourcing things for the boutique and checking how the decorators were getting on!  Thankfully we didn’t get all the predicted snow we thought we would have, so the decorators managed to get rid of the awful black window frames on the outside, to something more in keeping with my colour scheme! The fabulous feature wall paper is now up, although I think I caused them quite a headache with one of the papers!  Apparently it was like sticking cardboard to a wall - but it does look amazing!! 

It was then time for the hanging rails to go up.  What a nifty little tool joiners have to make sure things are straight - I must get one! 

I just hope the rails take the weight of all the beautiful gowns we have.  Tobias gave them a test by swinging like a monkey off them, much to my mum’s horror!!  Thankfully, they will be fine!!

I can’t actually believe I’m saying one of my biggest headaches this week was what desk to order!  I know there are so many more important things going on in the world, but it has to be right!  I finally decided on an oak one, even though I originally wanted mirrored.  It arrived this week and its just not right, so yes, its going back and I’ve ordered a mirrored one.  Just goes to show you should always go with your gut instinct!

We’ve had lots of lovely deliveries this week.  My little boy Tobias thinks its still Christmas as he’s been helping to open some of the packages, carefully of course!! Can’t wait to get these on display.

So excited to start up some new partnerships this week too!  I had a fab meeting with a local business that makes personalised wedding gifts/stationary etc.  I’ve had a quite a few of their pieces for gifts myself and I just love them - I’m sure our brides will too! :) xx

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  1. Cannot wait to see the desk you end up with - sounds so glamorous!