Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Little Pearl Bridal Boutique - The Final Countdown!

Phew, the gowns are here, with just a couple we are still waiting on, but our designers have kindly lent us some of their samples in for our opening.  It’s so lovely to have such supportive designers, they truly are all great to work with.  It’s certainly been a stressful final week getting ready for the launch evening and our opening day!!  As soon as the carpets were down I was desperate to start hanging the gowns up proudly from their rails and titivating all the accessories!!  My mum loved this part, it must’ve taken her 10 goes to get a garter displayed in the right spot!  Thankfully all the furniture we bought matches and we haven’t sent something back for a few days now, so that must be a good sign?! The curtains however, have not been the most seamless of installations! How can a made to measure curtain by a professional be 5 inches too short?!! We did have another little issue with no chocolate hearts arriving for the little gift bags to give away on the launch evening.  Brett came to the rescue and went and bought us some more!  I’m sure we’ll use another 100 chocolate hearts for something else down the line!! 

I have to say that the boutique is now looking just stunning.  It’s everything I had hoped for and more.  Everyone has been so supportive and helped out where they can to get us to this point.  I’ll be eternally grateful.

The next designer feature who we are thrilled to have here in the boutique is Maria Senvo.

Young design duo, Holly Cuthbert and Ryan Wilkinson found a gap in the bridal market for that modern day bride who is looking for something much more, and that aren’t afraid to step outside the box and embrace their own unique and personal style.  

Their 2015 collection has such impeccable lines and fluid silhouettes that is new, bold and interesting. They wanted to offer something unique, something that their brides would love wearing, something that is trend led, yet would not go out of fashion. And… without a doubt they wanted to encourage our brides to wear the dress and not the other way around."

These gowns are truly amazing to wear!  We just can’t wait to see lots of lucky brides in them soon!! xxx

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