Friday, 8 August 2014

10 mins with…….The Dressing Rooms

This weeks stockist features The Dressing Rooms. This beautiful boutique based in Halesowen, West Midlands. It is run by Rebecca and her team of 9 trained staff with customer service being second to none. The shop is open 7 days a week including 3 late nights. Read below to find out more about this boutique and all the great services they offer.

Rebecca - The lovely owner! a self confessed work-aholic, very happily married, mum of two lovely boys

How did the Dressings Rooms come about ?

I trained as a florist almost 30 years ago now and did a third year of training specilaising in Wedding Floristry.  As part of the final exam I created a "one stop bridal boutique" even at this early stage the seed for The Dressing Rooms had been sown!  After many years in Floristry and a few other career changes along the way I decided the time had come to branch out on my own.  Premises were found and so The Dressing Rooms began.  With a small loan from the bank and a lot of hard work and determination, the business bloomed into what it is today.

How did you feel when you received your first order ?

I remember just being so excited that someone had tried on one of my dresses the first time we had a client in store!! The fact that the bride loved it and placed her order was over whelming - I jumped up and down with my mum after the bride had gone!! Wooohooo!!!! :))))))))))

What makes your boutique different ?

There are many little features that make us different, like being child friendy (we have a box of toys to keep them amused) like having an "open door policy" (you can come back and try on as many times as you need to even after the order is placed)  Free storage right up until the wedding day (dresses are safe and most importantly, insured)  Our unique Order Of Service (a beautiful little book that explains the process each bride will go through with their time with us) Rebeccas eye for detail and current trends, (always ensuring we have the latest styles in store) Our opening hours (seven days a week and three late nights)  so brides can come in their spare time rather than use up precious Holiday time that they want to keep for their Honeymoon) Most importantly our Team of staff, all chosen because they're lovely and kind, not because of any selling techniques they know or how they can compete with sales targets, we are simply not interested in that.  If the stock is good and up to date it does that work for us, we just need to be kind, find time and always listen.

What is a typical day at The Dressing Rooms ?

Oh my days!! there is no typical day at The Dressing Rooms!!  Each and every day is different and each day brings new challenges and delights in equal measure.  All I can say is we literally do not stop from the minute we open until the minute we close, every day.  Whether its brides to be served, the phone ringing, e mails to be answered, queries to be sorted, orderes to be placed, alterations to organise, dresses to steam and prep, the shop to clean, the window to change, we just never stop! Christmas Eve is a quiet day for us!

What's the best/worst things about running your own business ?

The best thing about running my own business is the freedom to be creative and reward those around me for their dedication to my business.  Without my team The Dressing Rooms would not be what it is today.  The worst thing about running my own business.....mmmmm... I can't think of one!

If you were stuck on a desert island what 3 things would you take with you ?

If I was stuck on a desert island - gosh I would be bored! But I suppose I would have to take my laptop suncream and sunglasses and make the most of the break whilst still keeping in touch with work! :))

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