Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Some emotive beautiful images

We hit a jackpot when we discovered Sarah, she is one of the most talented photographers I have ever come across. Please check out her website: http://www.sarahlouisephotography.com/
Here are some of the latest pictures Sara took of some of our headpieces, some of the designs you have seen before, but Sarah manages to show them in a completely different light.  The only new piece is the tiara, email us for further information on this one as it was a special commission that we can reproduce, you don't have to wear it far down like the model, but the picture really shows off it's elegance. We have worked with Sarah before, but these pictures really blow us away!


  1. So, so beautiful, the accessories, the styling, the photography, and, for the record, that red lipstick ROCKS! ;) xXx

  2. What heart-stealers. Very Josephine de la Baume meets Plantagenet queens/Princess Bride. And ditto Love My Dress - saucy red lips ROCK. Suspect it's Mac's lady Danger. XX