Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Royal Wedding!

Within an hour of the exciting news that the engagement has been announced of William to Kate Middleton, my local paper had called me to ask my opinion on what kind of tiara I thought she would wear? I am sure Kate will have her pick of the royal jewels, I am wondering if it will be the Cambridge Lovers knot tiara that the Queen had inherited from her Grandmother Queen Mary? This tiara became a favorite piece of the Queen, who wore it for many formal occasions. Queen Elizabeth II later gave it as a wedding gift to Princess Diana, at the time she married Prince Charles. It was then that the Cambridge Lovers Knot Tiara reached the height of its popularity, as the piece came to be associated with the image of the popular princess. However, after her divorce from the Prince of Wales the tiara was returned to Her Majesty the Queen. Perhaps the Queen will give it to Kate now?

Made for Queen Mary in 1913 by Garrad

Or how about the tiara William's mother Princess Diana wore on her wedding day?This tiara was a Spencer family piece and has an elaborate design of stylised flowers decorated with diamonds in silver settings. Diana went on to wear it and others many times during her lifetime. Her brother later reported that it gave her a headache all day!

Whatever she chooses  (and I hope she will be allowed to choose!) she will be sure to look beautiful, with that glorious long  brunette hair any diamonds in her hair will shine and she will look radiant!  We can't wait for the big day over here at Flo & Percy!

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